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Spring is here: 8 Health Tips for Your Doodle

Spring is Here; 8 Health Tips For Your Doodle
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Spring is here, and it is glorious! However, this is also the perfect time to brush up on your Spring health and safety knowledge for your doodle.

1.) Ticks and Fleas

Now that the weather is getting warmer, fleas and ticks will be in full bloom. Make sure you take ample measures to protect your doodle from flea and tick infestations. If you live in wooded areas, you can purchase dog safe sprays to keep ticks away too.

fleas and ticks on your goldendoodle

2.) Vaccinations

Spring means more outings and play dates, so this is the perfect time to get your pooch up to date on their vaccinations. Most local vets and shelters tend to do discounts and deals for spring vaccinations too. Oh, and don’t forget to microchip in case your doodle decides to take a roam around the neighborhood.

vaccinating your doodle

3.) Safe Plants & Flowers

One of the best parts of spring is the smell of new flowers coming to bloom, but some of them can be dangerous for your dog. This is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge of dangerous plants and flowers, so you can keep your doodle safe from consuming them.

poisonous plants and flowers to dogs

4.) Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is a fun time, where you get to open your windows and get the stale air out of the house from winter. It also means cracking open your cleaning cabinet and doing a thorough deep clean of the house. Just like with children, it is important to keep harmful cleaning supplies away from your doodle. Switch to safe organic cleaning supplies or be very careful about what you clean. Your dog can get sick from licking floors and counters that have been cleaned with certain products, so make sure you wipe down surfaces with water after you use chemicals.

Spring Cleaning with Dogs

5.) Car Safety

I think we can all agree that we’d love to go an entire year without hearing a sad story about a dog succumbing to the heat of being left in the car, sadly; too many people don’t know how dangerous this is. Even though it isn’t summer, there are still plenty of warm days in Spring that could be far too hot for your doodle to remain in the car alone. If you take your dog out with you, either bring them in the store with you or some people leave the car with the air on if they will only be a minute (we aren’t saying this is okay, but some owners do this). Preferably, if you are going anywhere with your dog, make sure you have someone else who can stay in the car, or, make sure they can come in with you.

Goldendoodle Car Safety

6.) Paw Safety

Spring can get hot too, and if you have sidewalks or paved driveways, they can get even hotter. If the ground feels hot to you, it feels hot to your doodle. Either invest in proper *paw wear* for your doodle or get some paw balm to help keep their paws safe. Dog shoes are actually a really good idea, as it also keeps their paws safe from sticks, thorns, rocks and other outdoor elements that could injure them.

Goldendoodle Paw Safety

7.) Fertilizers & Pesticides

If you are planning to plant a garden this year, take care to research safe fertilizers and pesticides before you use them. Many dogs each year are poisoned by their yards or gardens, so be especially careful of what you spray this Spring and Summer. Dogs love it outside, so make sure they can safely play with things around the yard…even sticks can be affected.

Safety Outdoor Doodles

8.) Screens and Windows

Doodles (and most dogs) are known for loving to jump on doors and windows, so make sure you check them to make sure you have sturdy screens. You don’t want to have your doodle jump through your window and go cruising around town.

window screen dog safety


Did you find this list helpful at all? Make sure you share it to other doodle owners too!

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