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Caring for your Doodle’s Coat at Home

caring for your goldendoodles coat at home
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Whether you have a goldendoodle, labradoodle or any other variety of poodle mix, every owner of these breeds will eventually run into the dreaded grooming dilemma. Caring for your doodle’s coat at home is actually pretty easy if you know what to do. Here are a few tips on things you can do yourself at home to keep your doodle’s coat shiny, clean and matt-free.



How often should you bathe your doodle? It depends on their coat.

Most people believe they should only bathe their dogs when they are dirty as to not dry out their dogs skin, however, with the complexity of doodle coats, you should have a bathing system. If your doodle has a thick and curly coat, you can safely bathe them every two weeks. Do be careful with the shampoos you use and take measures to use gentle/moisturizing products if you do decide to bathe them frequently. Thinner and Wavy coated doodles should be bathed once a month using the same gentle shampoos.


Now, should you air dry or blow dry?


Jury is out on it. Some people prefer the natural drying and some prefer the blow out. One reason to blow dry their coat is that it will create a fluff to their coat, allowing you to see any unmissed matting. But, if you are careful and check the coat after full air dry for matting, you should be just fine.



Brush your doodle daily.

Yes. Daily.

Does that seem extreme?


Maybe, but a matted doodle is horrifying and will not only be incredibly uncomfortable for your dog, but it will also likely result in a trip to a groomer and a shave completely to the skin. When you brush your doodle, pay specific attention to the legs, the groin region, and around the ears. These areas are most prone to getting matted.


And the matting can come quickly and become uncontrollable just as quickly.


A good tip would be to make it a game for your doodle. Once a night before bedtime and after their last potty run, have “lap time” where you have your doodle come sit with you and get a thorough brushing. Some doodles who are trained for “lap time” will even seek out and bring you the brush. That would be a win/win right?



Not for the faint of heart, but everyone certainly would prefer to learn how to do this to save the monthly trips to the groomer. Your doodle’s first haircut should be at about 8-12 weeks old and should be a sanitary cut. This means clipping will be only on their face, feet and well…butt? Fanny? Call it what you want, I won’t judge. The average doodle should continue to get a trim every 6-8 weeks to maintain a healthy coat and prevent additional matting.


So you want to skip the groomer and do it yourself? Before you run off to the store, there is a very important question you should ask yourself before you proceed. Do you think your dog will be receptive?


This is a serious question and may save you a bite to the face.


You may have the sweetest most patient doodle in the world, but when those vibrating sheers come near their nose, they may not be so keen on being polite. Your safety is important. Start off slow, even with scissors to trim their brow to make sure they trust you enough to do this.


If your pup nips, don’t risk it. Take them to a professional.


So…have you tested and you think your doodle will do okay? Great. Let’s proceed.




If you look at the graphic above it will show you how to shave your doodle properly. Do not shave your doodle all the way to the skin. This will cause their skin to get too dry since they need the oils from their coat to moisturize them. Get yourself a good set of clippers for this task, your husbands beard trimmer will eek out a faint cry of pain before dying trying to get through a nasty doodle foot matt.

Also, there is no shame in going to a groomer. Groomers are wonderful, professional and great at what they do. Clipping your doodle yourself is a great way to keep their coat nice on your own time and a great money saver too.


Did you find these tips helpful?

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