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Breeder Interview with Golden Beauties

Golden Beauties Goldendoodle
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D2D: Tell us how you got started in breeding?

Stacy: I have worked with dogs professionally since 2001 as a trainer and eventually a behavior consultant, as a behavior consultant I sought to find the best possible pup for companion families and found the Golden Retriever, later was introduced to the Goldendoodle and found the qualities to be equally fantastic for pet homes and therapy dogs as well. I hold several degrees in animal behavior, have successfully passed the CPDT’s behavior consultant examination CBCC-KA and I am also a published author in many books and magazines on dog behavior.

D2D: What variety of dog do you breed?

Stacy: ​ I breed Goldens, Goldendoodles and Labradoodles. ​

D2D: What is your favorite part about being a breeder?

Stacy: ​ I love dogs and being able to have lots of my own dogs is a real treat! ​

D2D: What is your least favorite part about being a breeder?

Stacy: ​ I least enjoy having to wait for litters as my wait lists fill fast I usually have people waiting for six months to a year before getting their puppy, and the waiting can be hard on families but they stick with me in wait for their precious gem! ​

D2D: These breeds tend to be expensive and we frequently get asked why. Could you explain why these dogs are particularly expensive to purchase?

Stacy: Goldendoodles are not cheap dogs and nor should any dog be,m a dog is a commitment that is well worth the cost, the cost comes with thorough health screenings from genetic testings​ to physical exams ruling out eye problems and hip problems. I also offer a three year health guarantee, in life there are no guarantees but I can help cover costs if a genetic ailment occurred that required treatment.

D2D: Out of all of your litters so far, who has been your favorite puppy? Tell us about him/her?

Stacy: It is so hard to pick a favorite, I have to say my own pups that I have kept have grown to be some of the best dogs I have ever seen, Brie my F1 medium Doodle who I own several generations of her relatives is an amazingly intelligent and ​loving doodle!

D2D: Why do you believe this breed is a good companion to people and families?

Stacy: Goldendoodles are smart, agile, healthy, they live long and are very easy to train, they also tend to be much lower shed than Goldens and they don’t have as many allergens emanating from them as Goldens do, no animal is completely non shed as everything loses cells and such but they are fluffy and far less shed than Goldens for sure!

D2D: Do you breed at home or in a special facility? If at home, what do your neighbors think about all those cute little pups?

Stacy: I harbor all of my breeding dogs and pups with me, every one of them is my pet and I only re-home older adults on rare occasions and usually to family members and friends only. These are my pets as well as breeding dogs and my pets are a part of my family!

D2D: Tell us a bit about you and your family, how do they feel about your breeding business?

Stacy: My better half has an HVAC service business so he understands my schedule but it can be hard on our family when we try to plan vacations because it all falls around our pet sitter and whether any of the girls are going to be delivering!

D2D: Lastly, tell us how our readers could contact you if they are interested in adopting a pup from you?

Stacy: My website is: and it has a vast array of information available​ on it, I can also be contacted for general questions or behavioral advice through email:[email protected] or by text or call to: 585-303-7722; I get lots of calls so it is easier to email or text! Stacy L. Parks, PhD (2019), M.S., CBCC-KA, CBST

We’d like to thank Stacy at Golden Beauties for taking the time to conduct this interview with Devoted to Doodles, if you are interested in one of her pups, please feel free to contact her!

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