Goldendoodle & Doodle Variety Breeder List

Jul 22 , 2016

Goldendoodle & Doodle Variety Breeder List


photo courtesy of "DeeCor Goldendoodles"


We had a HUGE influx of people asking us for puppies. As much as I'd love to breed, my husband would likely smother me if I had a whole house full of those fluffy babies. So, we decided to launch our Verified Doodle Puppy Breeder List. We have good and verified breeders listed on this page and will continue to add more as they contact us or we contact them. You will find their websites, puppy photos and a brief overview of what they do and where they are. 


It was our goal to connect people who love and want goldendoodle puppies, labradoodle puppies, aussiedoodle puppies, schnoodle puppies or other doodle variety puppy with good and qualified breeders. If you are interested in becoming a verified Devoted to Doodles breeder, send us your inquiry on our Contact Page. 


See the list here==>


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  • 22 Jul 2016 kivjwezxss

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • 22 Jul 2016 Kim MacLean

    Hi Vonn, I’m very interested in your baby,please tell me where you are located.

  • 22 Jul 2016 Vonn

    I am not a breeder yet I have an awesome 60lb. 1 year old unaltered male, AKC UKC Bl and Wh parti standard poodle to rehome.
    He is from a solid line of champion heritage with no health problems. We bought him at 6months and 1 day old at a show in which he won best of show ,best of breed, first place, and group 2 champion rosette ribbons. He loves the show ring. He has terrific confirmation being all white on white with no blotches and black large saddle, rump and head. He is sweet and grooms easily , not a terribly tight curl. Would make beautiful doodles.
    My husband has had health failure – stroke and aneurysm – and , I am handicapped so we now are no longer able to care for our beautiful poodle.
    I tried to post on ‘contacts’ but it wouldn’t allow posting yet.

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