Breeder Interview with Fox Creek Farms

Aug 26 , 2016

Breeder Interview with Fox Creek Farms

Interview with Amy Lane from Fox Creek Farms

D2D: Tell us how you got started in breeding?

Amy: I began breeding horses and then branched into breeding dogs. I started with Golden Retrievers, but now breed only Goldendoodles.  

D2D: What variety of dog do you breed?

Amy: Multigen Goldendoodles only.

D2D: What is your favorite part about being a breeder?

Amy: The joy that a puppy brings to families is wonderful, but I think the puppies I provide that become service dogs is the most rewarding part of being a breeder.

D2D: What is your least favorite part about being a breeder?

Amy: Being a breeder is a very confining life.  It is a 24/7 job regardless of holidays, family responsibilities, or even when I am sick.  Vacations are far and few in-between.

D2D: These breeds tend to be expensive and we frequently get asked why. Could you explain why these dogs are particularly expensive to purchase?

Amy: Responsible breeders do extensive health testing on their breeding stock.  Many times a puppy is raised into adulthood as a prospective breeding dog only to be removed because a particular health clearance is not achievable.  Health testing in itself isn’t where the cost lies, but when a dog is removed as a breeding prospect, all the costs associated with raising that dog is an expense that never is recouped.  It is labor intensive to whelp and raise a litter of puppies.  

D2D: Out of all of your litters so far, who has been your favorite puppy? Tell us about him/her?

Amy: Pebbles is 14.5 years old and is a puppy from the first litter of F1 mini Goldendoodles ever produced.  Everyone that met Pebbles many years ago had to have a dog just like her.  She is very much responsible for the quick rise in the popularity of the Goldendoodle.
Pebbles - F1 Mini/Medium GoldendoodleShe still steals everyone's’ heart that meets her now in her very senior years.
D2D: Why do you believe this breed is a good
companion to people and families?

Amy: Goldendoodles are companion dogs first and foremost.  They are happiest when they are touching a human.  I call them velcro dogs.  They are low to non-shedding, trustworthy with small children, and always happy. Who wouldn’t want to have a dog like that?!?!

D2D: Do you breed at home or in a special facility? If at home, what do your neighbors think about all those cute little pups?

Amy:  I have a separate kennel from my house on my property for whelping and raising puppies.  I live in a rural area, so I have very few neighbors:)

D2D: Tell us a bit about you and your family, how do they feel about your breeding business?

Amy: When my children were still at home, they had a difficult time parting with puppies.  It was also difficult as all family functions had to fit in around puppy schedules since all deliveries were assisted by me.  If a puppy needed extra support, my schedule was set by the needs of that puppy.

D2D: Lastly, tell us how our readers could contact you if they are interested in adopting a pup from you?

Amy: You can check us out on or email me at We are located in West Virginia 

D2D: We'd like to thank Amy for taking the time to conduct this interview with Devoted to Doodles, if you are interested in one of her pups, please feel free to contact her! 

Robert DeNiro and Amy Lane from Fox Creek Farms

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  • 26 Aug 2016 zqirzhhfwt

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • 26 Aug 2016 Jaime

    My comment is in response to the comment left by Marianna. I felt compelled to post given that my experience with Fox Creek Farms and Amy Lane the owner is the exact opposite. We purchased my daughters service dog from her roughly 9 years ago. Our experience was so that we have added 3 additional Fox Creek Farm puppies to our family. I have nothing but good things to say about our breeder Amy Lane and the puppies that we have gotten from Fox Creek Farms.

  • 26 Aug 2016 Marianna

    I flew a very lengthy flight to meet my future pup. I was greeted with of course an adorable little one, that filled me with joy. Sadly that didn’t last very long, as I was treated rudely and less than human by the business owner Amy. It was clear to me that my questions were of no concern to her. That once I had phisically taken the pup, which was paid for in advance, any issues from then on were not her problem. I have learned that there are breeders whom truly care about their dogs and where the pups are going to live. Then there are the breeders that are solely in it for the profit. I believe that Fox Creek Farms is one of those places, they seem to care about nothing but a check. I would like to warn anyone thinking of purchasing a dog from her to strongly reconsider. There are other breeders out there that do this for the right reasons, sadly I learned this lesson a little too late

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