Breeder Interview with Abracadoodle

Oct 20 , 2016

Breeder Interview with Abracadoodle

Interview with Abracadoodle

D2D: Tell us how you got started in breeding?

A: I have a BS degree in Animal Science. I have raised, trained and bred dogs since college in the early 1970's.  

D2D: What variety of dog do you breed?

A: Since 2001 I have bred all sizes and generations of Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Ultimatedoodles ( Labradoodle X Goldendoodle) and Cairnnoodles ( Cairn Terrier crossed with miniature poodle.

D2D: What is your favorite part about being a breeder?

A: Seeing the smile on the faces of the new stewards when they pick up their doodle puppy.

D2D: What is your least favorite part about being a breeder?

A: Losing a newborn puppy to the natural rate of attrition. Still after 40 years it breaks my heart.

D2D: These breeds tend to be expensive and we frequently get asked why. Could you explain why these dogs are particularly expensive to purchase?

A: I can only speak for myself, not other breeders. I have a large investment in purchasing the best parent dogs I can acquire. I utilize my education and knowledge to build a great breeding program and produce the best puppies I am able. Some are created by very expensive and complicated means of surgical artificial insemination. I spay and neuter all puppies leaving Abracadoodle at my expense and they come with 2 year health guarantees and lifetime support and consultation. There is value in the afore mentioned explanations and going with a breeder who has over 40 years reputation and experience.

D2D: Out of all of your litters so far, who has been your favorite puppy? Tell us about him/her?

A: Reese, a medium chocolate and tan phantom Ultimatedoodle. We were soul-mates. She fit me like a favorite pair of jeans. I lost her in 2016 to stomach cancer.
D2D: Why do you believe these breeds are good
companions to people and families?

A: They are easy to train, willing to please, good with kids, great therapy/companion dogs and the very low to non shedding attribute is loved by all who have them.

D2D: Do you breed at home or in a special facility? If at home, what do your neighbors think about all those cute little pups?

A:  I breed at my personal farm which is an inspected and licensed kennel. My nearest neighbor is a little over a mile away so they are not in contact with my dogs or puppies. Community kids and school kids come and help me socialize puppies.

D2D: Tell us a bit about you and your family, how do they feel about your breeding business?

A: At 65 I don't mind sharing that I have always had a gift with dogs. I Obedience trained a German Shepard as a child who took fist in her class. I trained, groomed and exercised all the neighbor dogs as a child in Los Angeles. Majored in Animal Science @ Cal Poly University. Work as an Animal Health Technician for several vets over 15 years. Competed in Obedience competitions and did well. Became a professional trainer. Retired from that. Dogs are easy to train….. their people….not so much. Have been breeding dogs since 1972 and have mentored may breeders into ethical, respectable breeders. My children are gone. My adult daughter is a profession horse trainer in CA and has a small dog breeding operation, My son is an RN and he has 2 adorable pugs.

D2D: Lastly, tell us how our readers could contact you if they are interested in adopting a pup from you?

A: I welcome correspondence and also visitors with an appointment. We are located in rural Washington State near Spokane.

We'd like to thank the folks at Abracadoodle for taking the time to conduct this interview with Devoted to Doodles, if you are interested in one of their pups, please feel free to contact them, and don't forget to share this post!  


  • 20 Oct 2016 Marla Hovey

    We have had and currently have 3 doodles from Cindy..All thebest dogs anyone could ask for.
    She truly cares about the health and personality of each puppy …she is a very conscientious about providing wonderful, loving doodles!

  • 20 Oct 2016 jbwzhaklht

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • 20 Oct 2016 jennifer miller

    I noticed most of the pups are either sold ore reserved . My friend Susan Spencer is purchasing Zephyr and she sent me the link to the pups . I like zippy but he’s reserved .

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