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Barron Trump isn’t getting a Goldendoodle Puppy

Barron Trump Goldendoodle
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I know. I know. It was widely speculated that we would have our very first Goldendoodle First Dog, but it sadly won’t be happening.

patton goldendoodle

Patton the Goldendoodle (Photo Courtesy of Lois Pope)

It was reported in November 2016 by multiple sources that the Trumps were considering a goldendoodle puppy for their son Barron. The puppy was picked out and even named, Patton, after one of Donald Trump’s all-time favorite military heroes.

Sadly, it was reported first by the New York Post that breeder, Lois Pope, rescinded her offer to allow the family to adopt the puppy. The explanation given was that Pope had formed a close bond with the puppy and could not bring herself to give the puppy up. All of us Doodle Mom’s know exactly what that feels like, right?

However, Donald Trump didn’t seem too keen on the idea of a puppy from the start. He explained to Barron that having a dog may be a bit too much to handle for the First Family, especially with Melania and Barron living in New York for the time being.

But Lois successfully changed his mind, so there is still hope that Trump may be looking for another goldendoodle puppy in the future.

So, it looks like we may have to wait just a bit longer to have a doodle in the White House. But, since it seems Barron has doodle fever, maybe he can convince his Dad to take the plunge and find him a new puppy. We are patiently waiting for the “First Doodle Dog” in the meantime


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