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8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Own A Labradoodle

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1.) Labradoodles don’t like to play

labradoodle puppies playing

2.) Labradoodles puppies aren’t cute at all

Red Toy labradoodle puppies

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3.) Labradoodles are terrifying

labradoodle puppies

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4.) Labradoodles don’t like cats

Labradoodles and Cats

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5.) Labradoodles don’t like kids

Labradoodles and Kids

6.) Labradoodles aren’t helpful

Labradoodle Service Dog

7.) Labradoodles don’t like posing for pictures

labradoodle smiling

8.) Labradoodles aren’t funny at all

Funny Labradoodle

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Come on, who do you think we are kidding? Labradoodles are PERFECT!

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