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4 Ways To Get Your Doodle To Stop Jumping

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If you have a doodle breed, you likely have dealt with your doodle jumping on you. Getting your doodle to stop jumping is hard, since they are just so loveable that they want to greet you with gusto as sson as you walk in the door. Although this may be cute when they are puppies, once your doodle puppy grows up, 70 lbs + on your shoulders may lose its adoration. So what can you do? Check out these tips to getting your doodle to stop jumping


Note: These tips will work for doodles of all ages, however, once you get your doodle puppy, start training them RIGHT AWAY. This will make your life much easier in the long run


Limit Affection

This is the hardest one, but I have to tell dog owners this constantly…limit affection when you get home. When you walk into the house and your pup runs and starts jumping, kissing and overall freaking out, the last thing you should do is reinforce that behavior by petting them, kissing back, and giving affection for negative behavior. When you walk in the door, you should only greet your doodle with praise and affection if they greet you properly. It depends on you what you feel is appropriate greeting by your dog, but overall being hyper and jumping is not acceptable.


If your pup runs full speed to you and starts jumping on you, avoid eye contact and firmly say “NO” or “DOWN” and gently push your doodle down to the floor away from you.


If they jump back up, repeat by telling them “NO” or “Down”. If after a few tries that doesn’t work, move onto another form of consequence like putting them outside or in their crate.

Same goes for guests. You need to be clear with anyone who enters your home how to greet your doodle while you are training them.

Training Goldendoodle not to jump

Photo Credit: Warren Long


Knees Up

My Dad taught me this one, and it actually works well. When your doodle jumps up on you, just pull your knee up in front of you to stop your doodle from giving you the infamous “doodle hug”. The point here is not to hurt your pup or push them, but to create a safe barrier between you and your doodle when they jump on you. As always, avoid eye contact when doing this and say your command like “DOWN” or “NO”.

Doodle Running

Photo Credit: Dave Haygarth


Crate Time

You should always crate train all puppies, it is the best way to train them, create boundaries and give them a safe space to “cool down”. Crates shouldn’t be used as a punishment, it is supposed to be a place they go to feel safe. When your doodle goes haywire and nothing you are doing is working, say the command “COOL DOWN” and take them to their crate. Leave them in there for 5-10 minutes and revisit your doodle. Give them a treat and tell them good job and open the crate.


If they decide to jump again, turn them right back around and say “NO, COOL DOWN”


Repeat this as necessary. Most doodles only need a trip or two to the crate before they cool down.

Why do this? You are training your doodle that certain behavior gets them into the crate for a cool down session, and since they would really love to greet you and hang out, they would really not like to be in their crate when you arrive. If you have a doodle that barks, bites or tries to escape their crate, simply throw a blanket over the crate. Sometimes your dog will get upset seeing everyone walking around and doing things in the house and they will do anything to get out to be with you. Putting the blanket over the crate will create a more calming environment where they do not have to see what everyone else is doing.

Crate Training Your Doodle

Photo Credit: Stephen Shellard


Help from Tools

Sometimes you need tools to help you get your doodle to stop jumping on you.

Two great tools to try are “Pet Correctors” and “No Pull Leash Training”

Pet Corrector is sprayed when your dog is doing something you don’t want them to do, which is more of avoidance training. The theory is, when your doodle is jumping on you, spray the Pet Corrector and they will not like the sound and will stop the bad behavior. The reviews are great and I’ve heard people swear by using this product. You can check it out below


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The second product is a No Pull Harness. This kind of training is especially good for training your doodle to not jump on your guests. When you know company is at the door, place the No Pull Harness & Leash on your doodle and have them sit. When your guests enter and your doodle tries to jump, pull them back down and say “SIT”. Your guests should pay no mind to your dog unless they sit properly for 10-15 seconds.


Eventually your doodle will get to the point where you only have to step on the leash and they will sit naturally before they receive a greeting from guests. And ideally, you will eventually not need the leash at all anymore.  You can check out this wonderful no pull harness for big dogs below.


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